Let's keep this short and sweet. This silly website like, every other one, needs money to stay up.
As original site creator decided to put the project to rest, i pick it up and started hosting it myself.
I'm now hosting this site as well on RamNode and I'm certain that i will keep this project alive for years to come.

For that to be possible, we need your help!
Ads suck; we don't want to have to get them at any point. Tossing even a few bucks our way helps out more than you'd imagine.

If you want to be part of the elite and toss money at a site that does nothing more than piss your bosses, instructors, and parents off while you waste your life away:

Press the BIG SHINY DONATE BUTTON BELOW AND GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY (not really, but something, please!)

Anyone who donates will have their name (first name and first letter of last name) or username mentioned in the HALL OF FAME below!

Please make sure to mention a preference in your "Add special instructions to recipient" when you log in and submit your donation.
Joke names will make us laugh, and then get deleted. Anything outlandish or inappropriate will be denied. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
If you are in our Discord, include your nick as well so you get Donator rank in our server.


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Dyllon B. / Navyarms
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